The Solo Performance Commissioning Project 2012 will take place in Findhorn, Scotland, from August 29 through September 7.

For more information and registration for the SPCP Findhorn 2012, please visit the Independent Dance website:

and contact Sophie Arstall at


Please read Deborah Hay's note on the right and her notes on adaptation.




In order to maintain my own creative growth and support the same in the dancer/choreographers who plan to attend the 2012 Solo Performance Commissioning Project, I would like to augment the criteria that the dancer/choreographer needs to consider in relation to her/his experience in the field.

In addition to the already existing criteria, I propose;

1) that you are already consciously working with time and space as tangible materials that serve your dancing and/or choreography; and,

2) that you are already resourcing areas outside of your physical body to support and enhance your dancing; and,

3) that you have had enough experience in dance and performance to provide you with a deep sense of trust in the feedback from your body as your teacher, and

4) that how you see while you are dancing is an area of performance that you recognize as substantial.

Currently registered participants who do not consider themselves able to meet the additional criteria will have their registration fee reimbursed in full. I apologize for any unnecessary complexity this may introduce into anyone’s life.