The Deborah Hay Dance Company Mission


The Deborah Hay Dance Company's mission is to foster a discerning appreciation for the human body within the cultural construct of contemporary society, through dance as experienced by audience, student, and/or performer. Central to this mission is the role of humor in recognizing the wildly cogent dancer we are capable of exercising into action.

The goals of the DHDC are: to challenge judgments which limit how we identify the physical body in time and space, broadening the traditions of flow, beauty, and form that are currently prevalent in dance, and to expand the cultural concept of “dance” by defining the dancer as a site for inquiry, i.e. a bodily presence trained in the performance of parallel experiences of perception. An outline for advancing this project follows:

1) continue to introduce and explore through teaching and performing, how the cellular body, when invested with imaginative capability, can produce feelings of altering immediacy and gripping relatedness in the sensate body;

2) raise our standard of participating in a world beyond the subjective, where dance can become not just the site where movement and shape are produced, but a threshold where energies shift, multiply, and become visible;

3) expand the notion of choreography to include the conditions by which the choreographer transmits a dance to a performer, accounting for the many and often discontinuous threads within a visible and invisible context for beholding now.