Figure a Sea--A collaboration between Deborah Hay and Laurie Anderson

Figure a Sea is a large group dance, a landscape in which human voice and activity combine to create a grand and emotional silence within the theater. How is it possible to sustain that silence in the hearts and minds of the performers and audiences alike? The choreographer Deborah Hay creates a new piece, Figure a Sea, in collaboration with composer/musician Laurie Anderson. 21 dancers perform in Figure a Sea, Cullberg Ballet's 16 with an additional five guest dancers.

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World premiere at Dansens Hus, main stage, Stockholm, 25 September 2015

April 15, 2015: Laurie Anderson and Deborah Hay at NY Live Arts Live Ideas 2015

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Artist in Residence at the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA, January 15-February 6, 2015

In a unique residency, choreographer and dance pioneer Deborah Hay will collaborate with CAP/UCLA to design a plan for meaningful engagement opportunities with the diverse Los Angeles dance community: practitioners, supporters, audiences, curators, students and educators. Through a multi-layered spectrum of activities, Deborah and CAP/UCLA will work across broad artistic and community territories to explore the Los Angeles dance ecology and develop strategies for increased involvement and synergy.

In Deborah’s own words: “I believe that it is possible for a carefully scripted language created in collaboration with various L.A. communities, to benefit the future of how dance is perceived and recognized as pertinent in people’s lives. Can a visionary shift in language that describes the relevancy of dance prove effective in how a community experiences dance? And can this serve as a model for other communities?”

Also, on Wednesday, February 4, at 7:30 there will be a screening of Becky Edmunds' documentary Turn Your F*^king Head, about Deborah Hay's last Solo Performance Commissioning Project. The documentary will be shown at the Gallery on 356 S. Mission Road.

Deborah Hay’s residency at CAP/UCLA is supported by an exploration grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation for the Building Demand for the Performing Arts program.











Turn Your F*^king Head, produced and distributed by Routledge, available January 15, 2015

Turn Your F*^king Head is an hour documentary made in 2012 by British filmmaker Becky Edmunds, about Deborah Hay's last Solo Performance Commissioning Project at the Findhorn Community Foundation, near Inverness, Scotland. With a poetic certainty Edmunds follows the process by which Hay transmits and coaches the same solo dance to 20 individuals dancer/choreographers, from 11 different countries, during 10 consecutive days. The film is now included in the Routledge Performance Archive.

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